Holiday Open House

Twinsburg Speaks Spanish

Embark on a “Big Learn” adventure with us!

Throughout 2016, Twinsburg Public Library will host events for all ages geared towards encouraging
others to learn the Spanish language and embrace the various Hispanic cultures around the world.
Won't you join us? Click here for the latest activities.


Check Out A What?

Do you want the Twinsburg Public Library to be about more than just books? Do you wish we lent
out hand tools, scarves, or wireless hot spots? Now's your chance to let us know!
TAKE THIS SHORT SURVEY and let your voice be heard.



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Listen While You Workout

Working out is great for your body, but sometimes it can leave you bored out of your mind! Kick that
boredom to the curb by downloading one of our many audiobooks to your mp3 player or
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